MindPT Infinity Program

Care Packages

Providing support to others that can significantly impact their lives.  A care package allows the gift of healing and well-being for the mind and spirit to be given directly to those in need. If you are someone who loves to help others in a way that empowers them you will love the message MindPT Founder, Kim Serafini shares below about the creation of The Infinity Program and how your contribution provides carefully selected bundles of MindPT sessions infused to provide:

  • Wellness

  • Support

  • Healing

  • Compassion

  • Comfort

“Creativity is love made visible in using your unique talents for the benefit of others in innovative ways.”

-Stephen G. Post


An Extraordinary Power

The power of MindPT sessions help focus the mind to have a positive outlook on the future as we gift the care packages to those in need on their journey. MindPT founder Kim Serafini recognizes that in building something extraordinary it must include philanthropic endeavors to allow this to serve those who need it most. Care and compassion build the foundation to enhance the state of well being of each and every person.  Gifting Care Packages through contributions to the MindPT Infinity Program helps to uplift others and creates a movement that is infinite in service to all.

What Is the MindPT Infinity Program? It‘s our philanthropic approach to giving back to those in need by providing care packages to individuals facing challenging times.  Your generous support will allow those in need to receive the special gift package price of $100. Alleviate pain and suffering, and empower others with this transformational accelerated learning tool that instills new, positive and supportive beliefs fast. These bite sized personal change, training & development MindPT sessions will motivate, inspire & empower those who really need it with a positive mindset and belief system. It will boost their happiness, success, overall well-being and build their resilience to overcome and cope better with any challenges they face. It will positively transform their life!

The power to contribute good is the most extraordinary power of all.  Both the giver and receiver experience the ripple of effect of kindness,  compassion, and good that becomes…infinite.

What is MindPT?

MindPT is a revolutionary new way of integrating new beliefs into your mind and cultivating the mindset and habits of happiness and success.

Traditional personal growth programs often fail to produce the desired results because they require time, effort and discipline. MindPT is the new wave in personal change:

  • The technology makes it effortless, engaging and fun
  • Based on the latest in neuroscience research and proven positive psychology principles
  • FUN and engaging “bite-sized” lessons
  • Convenient mobile app
  • Fast and enduring results

Listen to leading experts share about the benefits of MindPT.

“The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.”
~Leo Tolstoy

Join the movement that is “infinite” in service to all.

Imagine The Power Of Helping Someone Now!